Sales & Copywriting

Before we write copy that generates sales for your company, we need to step into your prospects’ shoes. From combat boots to Louboutin heels.

What does she daydream about? What keeps him up at night?

The social science of sales and copywriting fascinates us. Why do we respond to some campaigns and not others?

We’ve spent years studying the psychology behind sales – from webinars to online courses and the advice of industry giants.

What we’ve found is, great copywriting isn’t about cleverness. It’s not about imaginative flights of fancy. Not about bells, whistles, and whirligigs.

Creative writing? Pah!

Successful copywriting is about real people and real stories.

Your story.

In order to tell your story, we’ll research your brand and talk with your customers to learn how they speak and what they speak about; what irritates them, what delights them.

We’ll get to know your niche demographic, as well as your competition – the whole marketing analysis shebang.

Then we’ll craft your story.

A story so simple and heartfelt, your readers will trust you and continue having an open conversation with you because what you have to say reflects their predicaments, their struggles, and their hopes.

Your brand will become their mouthpiece, their champion, their advocate. Your brand will validate them.

Prospective customers will see your product or service as the key to becoming the person, the professional, the parent, or the business owner they long to be.

Whether you offer a webinar, a kitchen utensil, management software, art supplies, a gizmo, an app, or a discount package of health treatments –  your prospects will come to view what you offer as a gateway to their perfect selves or perfect future.

We all daydream about the person we could be, if only…

  • If only I had this home exercise equipment, people would find me attractive.
  • If only I had this car, people would find me adventurous and successful.
  • If only I could become a certified ____ online, I would be able to respect myself.
  • If only I could take that webinar, I’d be the one getting that raise.
  • If only I had that yoga and meditation app, I could be in control of my emotions.

This isn’t trickery; it’s the truth. Your products and services probably can help people realize their dreams – if they have the motivation and discipline to stay the course.

We could go on and on promising to help you achieve incredible conversion rates and increased ROI. But every copywriter does that and it gets old really fast.

In fact, we don’t want to convince your prospects to buy at all.

Nobody likes the hard sell.

We’ll make your product so irresistible that your readers will convince themselves to buy what you’re selling.

Let’s arrange a consultation today and get your product or service into as many daydreams and shopping carts as possible.