“Ms. Mhyana edited my fiction manuscript. Her work was thorough and she gave very insightful comments, from punctuation and grammar to the overall structure of the book, which greatly helped to improve and refine my writing.”

M.E. Walsh, Artistic Director, St. Mark’s Cultural Association 

“One admires the high-spiritedness and Dionysian spirit that sings loudly in [Mhyana’s] poems as well as the large-scale intellect that ranges over various cultures. That these poems are so insistently erotic and explosively pleasurable make them…capable of redefining our notion of the personal as political. Mhyana’s artistry is embodied in her ability to make infectious in the language…a wild heart that is in love…with the world around her.”

Major Jackson, Poetry Editor, The Harvard Review

“Jalina was an absolute pleasure to work with. She went above and beyond what I expected and her professionalism was second to none. Her ability as an editor knows no bounds. She will be my first choice for any other work I have in the future.”

Paul Herron, YA Author

“The poems [in Mhyana’s first book of poems, Spikeseed] left me breathless, one after another, starting with the very first, ‘August 6, 1945,’ which transforms the white shadows of Hiroshima’s victims into something immediate and visceral. Other poems that slayed me: ‘Pains of Pilgrimage,’ ‘Questions for an Old Friend,’ ‘Mischief’ and the book’s title poem [Spikeseed]. Mhyana’s evocative and insightful style is informed by her careful crafting of words and sensory detail into lingering images both fresh and frightening. I’ll make it official here, if it hasn’t already been done elsewhere, and proclaim Mhyana a Poet to Watch.

Tamara Kaye Sellman, Author

“[Dreaming in Night Vision] is beautiful. Etched forever into my soul. I admire Mhyana’s…intricate mind and her ability to turn words and images into art.”

Charles Ricko, Amazon reader

“An erudite and imaginative work.”

Mary Acton, Instructor, Advanced Diploma in the History of Art, Oxford University

“Few texts are as disarmingly naked and honest as Dreaming in Night Vision. Mhyana has a unique gift of thoughtfulness that never turns to self-defensive cleverness but rather her associative intellect leads her writing through images, found objects, reflections and words to self-revelation, never obfuscation through the formal, intellectual posing the essay form usually promotes…Even in the essays here there was sheer poetry, the song of the self, and the beauty of a mind at work–never the kind of slick erudition that the essay form all but demands. A remarkable achievement …  I must say I was against the very last section when I read that it was “Unedited Journal entries.” Perhaps because of my bias toward art and that aesthetic artifact, or the really laudable ability the essays and autobiographical passages had displayed up to that point by being so honest/raw and yet so intelligent/thoughtful at once, made me feel like these last passages would be a cop out of a sort, a little too raw, and would lower the whole of the book in my estimation. 4-5 pages later I found myself tearing up, then openly crying, really moved and–as I’ve said in another review already–that’s an instant 5-stars for me. This is a great book not only because it does things with form I didn’t think possible, but because it’s a beautiful and moving expression of a shining human being.”

Lee Foust, Author

“Jalina is a gifted writer who never skips a beat when it comes to poignancy and sensitivity. Her writing is full of wonderful imagery, symbolism and figurative devices that make the reader swoon… Sterling work. Bravo.”

aomori, Amazon reader

“Only a writer with exceptional talent can describe emotional suffering with such elegance…I find her poetry to be poignant; her words are both ethereal and raw.”

C. De Melo, Author